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Declaration of Performance
Information Resource

This site has been provided to help you find Declaration of Performance (DoP) information quickly and easily for our products.

It is mandatory for manufacturers and distributors to declare the performance and apply the appropriate conformity mark to any of their products which are covered by a harmonised standard.

Any products that do not fall under a harmonised standard must not carry a conformity mark.

Many of our innovation products not covered by harmonised standards therefore carry BBA accreditation.

Contact Ibstock for more information.

Please note that for the time being, whilst Brexit negotiations are continuing, from January 1 2021 we will be supplying bricks to the EU and Northern Ireland to attestation level 4 only. All other technical data remains the same other than to assume they are category II as a consequence.

For a Declaration of Performance for products intended for the EU please contact technical@ibstock.co.uk

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Special Shapes cut and refaced from Standard brick

Special Shapes cut and refaced from Standard brick